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Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings are often experienced in menopausal women that were combated with hormone replacement therapy. Now women are wondering how to treat their menopausal symptoms without taking the risk of developing breast cancer heart disease, stroke, or blood clots.

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Estrogen Replacement Therapy Lawyer

Lawsuits against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for their popular hormone replacement therapy drug Prempro have began to surface. There have been six million American women taking the hormone replacement therapy drugs estrogen and progestin that has been linked to heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, and blood clots. Women are filing lawsuits seeking compensation for alleged injuries and death, medical monitoring for those who have taken the drug, compensation for the cost of the drug, and warnings to women that they may be at risk. If you would like to confer to an estrogen replacement therapy attorney please contact us to receive more information on your legal rights.

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